Belly fat is considered the most stubborn and undesirable among all other body fat areas. Many patients who visit us for liposuction surgery in Mumbai come for belly fat reduction, including slimming down the waistline. Liposuction is FDA-approved to be beneficial and safe for the abdomen.

Liposuction or body sculpting is a type of aesthetic surgery that helps remove localized fat from different body parts like the stomach, hips, thigh, buttocks, arms, or neck. It uses the technique of ultrasound and suction to remove fat deposits. 

It uses the technique of vibration-assisted liposuction(PAL micro air) or vaser (laser-assisted) liposuction for sucking fat from the body with help of cannulas through small cuts.

To answer the big questions, Liposuction can reduce belly fat and help you slim your waist, and give you a flat stomach or a muscular look on the abdomen. In addition, it is more efficient in removing stubborn fat as compared to other surgeries. With continued proper diet and exercise, it can give you a fully toned abdomen for decades to come. 

Ways to achieve the best stomach/abdomen/tummy liposuction results: 

The liposuction surgery definitely gives you amazing results, but if you follow up on to few habits, you can achieve more than you expected, and also it will help you maintain your figure. Exercises and diets change according to your goals but try to maintain good habits.

Weight loss for a flat tummy

There are two types of fats in the human body; subcutaneous and visceral. Fat that grows within the muscle walls over abdominal organs is the visceral fat, while subcutaneous fat grows just below the skin.  The amount of these fats depends on age, diet, genetics, and many other factors. 

Subcutaneous fat can accumulate and harden, making it difficult to dissolve with workouts or diet plans. Liposuction targets this subcutaneous fat by liquifying the fat cells with a vibrating or laser device and sucking it out with a negative pressure pump.

Workout for dashboard abs

Visceral fat can be reduced through diet and exercise. Hence, if you wish to achieve more than just a slim figure, you need to exercise too. Consistency in dieting and working hard on exercising is necessary to reduce visceral fat and maintain the results of liposuction. But instead of pushing yourself into extreme training, learn from a personal trainer and practice under the guidance of your physician.

Our liposuction doctor in Mumbai suggests that you can lose both fats and achieve your goal through liposuction surgery, diet, and exercise. 

Is Liposuction Right For You?

Our liposuction surgeon can provide detailed consultation and examination to check your candidacy for this treatment. The examination includes testing both types of fats.  After examination, he can tell you which type of liposuction surgery will suit you and whether it will help you achieve the results you are looking for. Finally, the doctor will guide you through the complete procedures, tests, side effects, and results. 

A safe, well-informed, scientific procedure in the form of liposuction surgery can help you in your journey to look your own best. Dr. Ashish Ghuge is a skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeon. He is one of the most recommended liposuction surgeon in Mumbai. He has honed his skills in cosmetic surgeries through national and international practice and is a board-certified plastic surgeon in India. You can book an appointment with us for more information on his advanced liposuction technique.

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