Breast implant

Breast implant surgery in Mumbai

Breast Implants surgery in Mumbai

There are certain situations where you may wish to have a re-do surgery to remove or exchange the implants you’ve already had. Don’t be afraid or shy away from the problems you may be facing with your existing implants, as implant exchange or removal can safely be done as per your requirements by our surgeon, who is one of the best surgeons for breast implants surgery in Mumbai.

Why May You Want Breast Implants Exchange Or Removal As Part Of A Breast Augmentation Plan?

Women may want better reasons for their personal as well as professional desires. And it is absolutely correct to fulfill their wishes. Our eminent surgeon Dr. Ghuge, helps shape women’s desires in reality by giving appropriate breasts with help of implants. Some of the reasons we could collect as per reasons why women want another breast implants as part of breast augmentation are listed below as

A Brief of Procedure For Breast Implant Surgery By Our Breast Augmentation Surgeon:

STEP 1: Initiation/Planning/ Execution of Breast Implant Surgery As Boob Job By Surgeon in Mumbai
This breast augmentation surgery will be done under general anesthesia. It is usually done as a day-care surgery, and you will be discharged from the hospital on the same day itself or the next day. Usually, the cut for the implant removal is made at the same place where the previous surgery scar exists, not to get any other scars.
STEP 2: Insertion Of Breast Implant As Part Of Breast Augmentation Surgery
Through the same cut, the present implant is removed and exchanged for a new one. The new implant may be placed in the same pocket as the current implant in cases where only a different size or shape is desired, or a new pocket may be created as in certain cases of capsular contracture.
Step 3: Disinfection and Replacement With New Breast implants

Before the new breast implant is placed, the existing pocket is thoroughly cleaned with an antibiotic solution. After placing the new implant the cut is closed over it in layers.

Recovery Of Breasts After The Breast Implant Surgery

You may be discharged from the hospital on the same day itself. You will be advised to wear a sports bra for a period of four weeks. You may feel a little discomfort and some swelling and bruising, which will settle in a period of two to three weeks. You may want to take a week off from work and would be able to return to a desk job if that is what your profession demands. All strenuous activities such as upper body exercises, swimming, driving, lifting heavy weights will be restricted for a period of four weeks.

What Results To Expect After Breast Implant Surgery/ Breast Enlargement Surgery / Breast Augmentation In Mumbai

Week 1:
There will be some swelling and bruising In the breasts with a little discomfort which can be managed with analgesics.
Week 4-6:

The breast swelling and pain have gone down, and the breasts start to feel softer and more natural. You can gradually return to your routine exercise regimen. You will be advised scar management protocols to fade away from your scars, resulting from breast augmentation surgery.

After 6 months:
You will feel absolutely confident with your new implants. The breast feels naturally soft and enhanced. The artificial breasts are made of silicone, yet they perfectly fit in the contour of your breasts. Typically, women also undergo breast implant surgery or rather say breast enlargement surgery