Rhinoplasty in Mumbai

Rhinoplasty in Mumbai

Rhinoplasty or a Nose job in Mumbai is a cosmetic surgery done to change your nose’s external structure (size, shape, and proportions). The nose is the central structure and a very prominent part of your face. There are many problems you may yourself notice about your nose, or in some cases, it may have been pointed out to you by your friends, relatives, or an ENT surgeon you visited for breathing issues. As the function of breathing and the external structure of the nose are interrelated. Dr. Ashish Ghuge, an acknowledged Rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai, may actually provide a solution by performing rhinoplasty in conjunction with a septoplasty (surgery to improve breathing by straightening the wall inside your nose).


Nose Job in Mumbai


Doctor giving anesthesia during Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is generally done under general anesthesia as a daycare nose job in Mumbai. You may be discharged on the same day or the very next day of nose surgery, depending on the extent of the procedure done. It is a kind of plastic surgery done through a cut inside your nose or through an external small cut at the base of your nose, which extends inside your nostrils. The placement of the cut, internal or external, depends on the amount of correction required, as per the analysis done for nasal crosssection before rhinoplasty surgery by the surgeon. 

Your surgeon can change the shape of your nose by altering the nasal bones or cartilage, or both. There are situations where changes need to be done by removing excess cartilage and bone or adding extra cartilage or implant. The extra cartilage, if needed, can be harvested from the septum within the nose itself or the ear cartilage, or the rib cartilage. 

If there is a hump on your nose, the excess bone, as well as cartilage, can be trimmed to give a straighter appearance. In case of depression on your nose, a cartilage graft or implant can be placed to correct the deformity. There is a wide nostril or bulky nasal tip; excess tissues can be removed to give a sharper contour. Our Rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai integrates fine, as subtle changes in surgery can make a difference. After the changes have been made, the nasal skin is draped back on the bone and cartilage framework, and the cuts are stitched.


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  • You will have some packing inside of your nose, due to which you will have to breathe through your mouth for 24-48 hours.
  • You will have to sleep with your head end elevated to reduce bleeding and swelling. As a result, your nose may feel congested for 2 -3 weeks. 
  • Nasal drops will be advised to clear the clots and mucus within the nose after the packs have been removed. 
  • Slight bleeding and discharge from your nose are common for a few days after the surgery; you may even spit some blood from your mouth for a few days. 
  • There may be a splint placed externally if the bony framework of your nose has been altered. The splint will be removed in about 2 weeks.



Week 1:


  • The nasal packs will prevent nasal breathing, and hence you will have to breathe through your mouth for 48 hours. 
  • There will be some congestion in your nose after the packs have been removed which can be cleared with nasal drops prescribed by your doctor. 
  • You may have to sleep with your head end elevated for the first two to three days to help reduce the swelling. 
  • The swelling on your nose will start decreasing after about a week and will keep decreasing for the next 3 months. You will be advised to be off work for a week to 10 days, depending on the extent of your procedure.


Week 4-6:


  • Your splint, if a place is removed by 2 weeks and you can see the external part of your nose. But this is not the final result, as the swelling keeps decreasing for 3 months. 
  • You will be advised restriction of strenuous physical activities, swimming, contact sports, driving. 
  • You will also be advised against forceful blowing of your nose. 
  • You may be told to avoid wearing glasses to prevent any pressure on the nasal bridge. 
  • You will have to apply sunscreen in case of direct exposure to sunlight.


At 3 months:


  • The swelling on your nose has almost reduced to a minimum. 
  • You will now be able to notice the final result and the changes in your external framework. 
  • You will gradually be advised to return to strenuous activities with some caution.


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