Is a flat, misaligned, or contorted nose degrading your look and confidence? If yes, here is all you need to know about getting a nose job in Mumbai. The nose surgery shapes your nose, changes your appearance, enhances nose functionality, and gives your face a better symmetry.

What is Rhinoplasty, And Who Is It For?

Rhinoplasty, alternatively called a nose job, is done to improve the nose’s shape. It is also recommended to alleviate breathing problems. The nose is made of bone, and soft bone tissues called cartilage. The doctor sets the nose to proper shape and alignment, improving aesthetics and functionality.

Mumbai is a metropolitan city flooded with models and stylists. The nose is an important component of the face, restructuring which can change your entire appearance, inspiring zeal and confidence in you. Not only in the fashion world but the people in the corporate world are also inspired to look appealing for professional reasons. Along with few other surgeries, rhinoplasty is one of the most prominent face enhancing surgeries.

Advantages Of Rhinoplasty

The Rhinoplasty offers several benefits, such as to:

Procedure Of Rhinoplasty In Mumbai

Every rhinoplasty procedure is different and tailored to a person’s face. First, the plastic surgeon carefully jots down the patient’s expectations. Then, they take 3D scans of the nose to see through the details of internal structures and flaws that can be diminished and reconstructed to give desired results. 

Typical, rhinoplasty aims at the following corrections in the nose

The surgeon completes the procedure in the following steps:

The patient might require an overnight stay in the hospital. The doctor instructs to keep the head uplifted to avoid bleeding. The person has to take liquid food, easy to gulp, to avoid nose disturbance while chewing. The surgeon gives appropriate analgesic and healing medicines for a speedy recovery.

Dr. Ashish Ghuge, a well-known cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Mumbai, has done several successful cosmetic surgeries, transforming the appearance and bringing a huge difference in the personalities. Providing a range of cosmetic surgeries for both men and women, Dr. Ghuge is highly appreciated by patients for their enhanced looks. So, book your appointment to look your best.

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