Breast Reconstruction Awareness

breast reconstruction awareness

Many women who have had lumpectomies or mastectomy procedures deal with the stigma of losing their socially acceptable and perceived “womanliness.” It’s not the end of the road for these women. They certainly have the choice of breast reconstruction surgery; they just aren’t aware yet. Moreover, there are celebrities who had breast reconstruction surgery after undergoing a double mastectomy.

On a global scale, studies of breast reconstruction have been conducted. Less than 25% of women are aware of the variety of breast-reshaping surgery choices accessible to them, according to a forum post in the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Most people aren’t even aware of the level of results that might be anticipated with breast reconstruction. Since nobody informed them, they don’t yet know.

Less than 19% of women in the US are aware that the timing of their breast cancer treatment and their decision to have reconstructive surgery significantly affects their options and outcomes. These figures are significantly lower in India since only a very tiny percentage of women are even given the option of breast reconstruction.

What should you know if you want to get breast reconstruction surgery?

Breast reconstruction surgery heavily depends on the necessities of the patient’s body. After cancer is discovered, any woman who needs to contact an onco-surgeon for mastectomy reconstruction or lumpectomy surgery should meet the plastic surgeon next door to learn about the best options for the patient.
According to studies, having breast plastic surgery done simultaneously with mastectomy reconstruction has psychological advantages. For instance, actress Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed after genetic testing revealed a 50% chance of developing breast cancer. She had her breast tissue removed, and at the same time, she had implants inserted.

What are your breast reconstruction options?

Women who suffered from breast cancer and had to undergo surgeries to treat the same may have many reconstructive options to restore their breast conditions. However, discussing it elaborately with a certified surgeon is always recommended before you finalize an option.
There are majorly two types of breast reconstruction methods. And they are as follows:

Flap Reconstruction: In this technique, our surgeon utilizes tissue from your own body to make a breast during flap repair. Usually, tissue is harvested from the lower abdomen (belly). It can, however, emanate from your thigh, back, or bottom. So, basically, the surgeon extracts fat, skin, blood vessels, and muscle from these areas of your body to build a new breast. This tissue is referred to as a flap.

flap reconstruction

Implant Reconstruction: During an implant reconstruction method, our surgeon uses saline or silicone implants to generate breast tissue. He may sometimes even utilize a combination of implants and tissue from your body, especially from your back or lower abdomen tissue (microvascular flap). Implant reconstruction can occur concurrently with a mastectomy or can even have this operation done after a mastectomy.

Since the cancer is discovered sooner than usual, most reconstructions can be carried out immediately after chemotherapy and radiotherapy are finished. Also, individuals who have survived without breasts should not be concerned. There are now numerous breast implant surgery solutions accessible for any unique need.

Our cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Ashish Ghuge explains to you the pros and cons of the surgeries and the best option that would be suitable to your unique physical condition.


The third Wednesday of every October is observed as Breast Reconstruction Day, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month, several events are taking place to raise money for breast cancer research and spread knowledge about early detection and prevention. You can share your stories to increase breast cancer awareness and breast reconstruction surgeries.

Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashish Ghuge, has been an expert in this field for many years. He offers state-of-the-art facilities and carries out breast surgeries only through advanced techniques with utmost precision and safety. He is approachable and is always ready to patiently listen, understand and discuss your concerns and issues elaborately.