7 Tips To Care And Recover Faster After Breast Reduction Surgery

breast reduction tips

Many women get rid of extra-sized breasts with breast reduction surgery. However, breast reduction surgery is as invasive as breast augmentation, and those patients who plan their recovery well recover swiftly after surgery and enjoy the best results.

According to Dr. Ashish Ghuge, the post-surgical period is crucial for recovery, and by following proper recovery instructions, you can track breast reduction recovery week by week very swiftly. 


Here are some important self-caring and breast reduction tips that will help in faster recovery.


1. FINISH your ANTIBIOTICS Course Properly




Breast reduction is an invasive surgery that requires aftercare for avoiding infection. You will be prescribed antibiotic medications after surgery. People tend to skip their medications after some weeks of surgery, but this may attract infection and inflammation in the surgical site. It may lead to post-surgery complications or delay recovery. Therefore, you are advised to finish your antibiotics medication seriously to avoid any risk of infection or delayed recovery.


2. Take help


Most people feel shy to ask for help. But you must seek help from your partner, family, or close friends at least for the first 72 hours in doing small jobs for example- standing, walking, stepping downstairs, etc. If you live alone, at least ask someone to reach out to you regularly, as you may ask them for help.


3. Drink Plenty of Water


Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is extremely important after surgery. Initially, drinking plenty of water will help remove traces of anesthesia from your body. It will hydrate each cell of your body, improve its metabolism, help in faster cell recovery or healing, and reduce constipation which is a common side-effect of antibiotics medication post-surgery. It will also help you feel recharged and keep active to move around and do your small tasks alone.


4. Wear compressional garments regularly


Wear compressional garments regularly


The surgeon will put you in a surgical bra after surgery. The surgical bra is specially designed to comfort and support breast after surgery without pressurizing breasts too much. Do not hurry to swap your surgical bra with a regular bra after surgery and listen to your surgeon’s advice carefully.


5. Eat Healthy 


Vegatbles - Eat Healthy

Good food is the fuel for faster recovery. Eat a protein-rich diet that will help in faster cell repair and recovery. You can include soy products, poultry, fish, lean meats, nuts, etc. in your diet to recover faster. Also, increase daily intake of vitamin C as it will boost collagen production in breasts.


6. Don’t Lie Down Always


You will be asked to take ample rest for the first 72 hours. But lying down always won’t help and rather aggravate post-surgery complications. You must move around slowly while avoiding upper body exertion. Regular movement will improve blood circulation and ward off the risk of blood clots, which are very prominent after any surgery.


7. Sleep on your back 

Sleep on your back

It is strictly recommended to sleep on your back and avoid side sleeping or stomach sleep positions because side sleeping may droop your newly formed breasts to one side, whereas sleeping on the stomach will deplete and rupture the breast cells.

You can use pillows to elevate your posture and avoid back sprains for some time and avoid other sleeping positions.

In any case, you must avoid strenuous activities and especially upper body exercises. So, if you are planning a breast reduction surgery, book a consultation with Dr. Ashish Ghuge to understand the procedure details and Dos and Don’t of breast reduction tips for healing.

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