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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

If you buy a bigger size top or dress only because of bigger boobs or use a stole or shrug to hide modesty, you are not alone. Boobs are just so feminine, but if have to you hide them, they may need some rework.

Reduce a few inches, and it can boost your confidence to wear your favourite dress, feel young, socialize, and yes! You understand self-love.

         A woman wearing a stole  to cover modesty 

However, big boobs don’t affect all women in the same ways; still, many concerned women want to know”

How to reduce breast size from DD plus to less than D

 Often women try different exercises to reduce breast size. But either they fail, or fat comes back.

Before introducing you to a one-stop- solution,  breast reduction surgery, let’s try to understand some facts about breasts and why breast fat loss is not sustainable with exercise.

                                                                                      Facts About Breasts

  • Why do breast sizes differ?

The breasts are 90% fat, and the glands are arranged in layers. Some women have large breasts due to excess fat deposits surrounding the breast gland, nodules, and milk ducts.

  • Why do some thin women have overly large-sized breasts?

Large breasts are influenced by hormonal fluctuations, hereditary, and body type. Excess estrogen secretion leads to an increase in the cup size of the breast. Also, women who are “not so fat” tend to gain breast volume after pregnancy.

  • Why is it not easy to lose breast size with exercise and home remedies?

A quick search on the internet will land you on pages that promise to give quick results on losing  breast fat with home remedies and exercises. But reducing breast size is not easy, as the breast is like a pouch. Once the fat has increased the size, the natural fat reduction will only sag the breast, and very soon after you cease exercising, the fat will redeposit.

Hence, you can understand that breast reduction will be helpful only if the skin also contracts, which is practically impossible. The breast reduction surgery will not only reduce the breast size but will also tone and reshape them to more proportionate and even contours.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is an operation to remove excess fat,breast tissue,areola and skin to achieve a lighter and lifted breast. The breast reduction reduces breast size while restoring a balanced, proportionate, and perkier breast.

Breast reduction surgery has many benefits; for example, your cup size reduces, you can wear your favorite attire, and you look younger and feel more confident. 

Besides enhanced aesthetics, breast reduction surgery also eliminates the physical pain due to large breasts. 

Breast reduction surgery does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Breast reduction surgery does not increase or decrease the success of breastfeeding.

Who should get breast reduction surgery?

Who should get breast reduction surgery

There’s no doubt big breasts make you uncomfortable, and you have to juggle to find the right support for your breasts. But there are many more hassles due to big breasts, which are:

  • The Spines curve may increase to support the equilibrium of the big breast.
  • You may suffer backaches, fat rolls, and prominent bra lines.
  • You may feel uncomfortable finding the correct bra.
  • You may have to wear bigger size clothes.
  • Your body may not look proportional.

Infact, the last point has triggered several women to choose breast reduction surgery in response. So, if you are struggling with the above bullet points, you can choose breast reduction surgery as a remedy and enjoy better “curvy” boobs without exercise.

NOTE: Since it is surgery, there will be some blood loss, pain, and swelling after surgery. However, Dr Ashish Ghuge is an expert aesthetic surgeon with several years of experience and expertise. So, you can rest assured of having safe and flawless breast surgery. 

What is involved in breast reduction?

During the breast reduction, the surgeon carefully removes the excess fat, glandular tissues, or skin and sutures the rest of the skin to give breasts “a taut” and reduced appearance. But before that, the surgeon conducts a comprehensive breast analysis to better visualize the breast’s anatomy and scope of improvement with surgery.

The diagnosis is vital in estimating which incision method is best suitable for an individual candidate. However, your wish matters equally and will influence the chosen surgery method. The two prominently used incision methods are:

  • Lolipop scar- The final scar is in the shape of a lollipop, i.e., a scar mark circumscribed around the areola and then vertical dropped down to the bottom of the breast crease. This is the preferred technique for breast reduction surgery by Dr. Ghuge.
  • Inverted “T” or Anchor scar–  The final scar is vertically down to the breast line crease and then a horizontal incision on the breast crease. This method allows the surgeon to alter breast size substantially.

What results can be expected?

What results can be expected after breast reduction surgery

You can see bust size difference almost immediately after surgery, but you might have to wait until the inflammation subsides completely to get the actual result.

You will have bruises, incision scars, drain, inflammation, and breast tenderness in the following week.

Dr. Ashish Ghuge usually attaches a drain cannula on the breast to drain excess fluid discharge due to healing. You will be instructed to take medications timely. You will also have to regularly visit for follow-up and dressing.

Dr. Ashish Ghuge will put you in a compression bra almost immediately after surgery, which you will have to wear for a month or two(to provide substantial support to your breasts). The support bras are paddy and voluminous, engineered for a purpose. Therefore, you can expect to see the desired result once the inflammation subsides completely and you can wear your regular bra. 

Reach out to Dr. Ashish to know more about his unique approach to breast reduction

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