Liposuction and tummy tuck are two well-known surgeries to address extra weight, however, they’re different procedures. Liposuction is a technique that involves the removal of excess fat from the body by suction. But a tummy tuck is a more invasive procedure that tightens the muscle of the abdomen and removes excess fat and skin.

Liposuction can be performed at different parts of the body, such as the abdomen, back, or thighs. However, a tummy tuck is only for reconstructing the torso region. Liposuction surgery in Mumbai does not involve reshaping the skin, while tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai involves getting rid of the extra skin with muscle tightening altering the abdominal shape.

Candidates For Liposuction Vs Tummy Tuck 


According to Liposuction doctors in Mumbai, you are a candidate for Liposuction surgery if:

Tummy Tuck

You may not be a candidate for either Liposuction or Tummy Tuck surgery in Mumbai if:

Procedure Of Liposuction Vs. Tummy Tuck


In the process of Liposuction, fat from one part of the body is removed through tumescent fluid infiltration and fat aspiration with suction machine. In this technique, first, the surgeon makes small cuts around the target area in hidden areas of natural folds. Then a thin cannula is inserted and fluid is infiltrated to loosen the fat cells under the skin. Finally, a medical vacuum is used to suck out the dislodged fat, resulting in a flatter stomach. 

Tummy Tuck

Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini or Partial Tummy Tuck is appropriate for those patients whose condition is not severe enough for a complete abdominoplasty. It is less invasive and focuses on the lower area of the abdomen. 

Complete Tummy Tuck

Complete Tummy Tuck is generally performed on those men and women who want to reshape their entire midsection. It involves taking out excess skin from between the pubic bone to the navel. 

Advantages Of Liposuction Vs. Tummy Tuck

Both liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries can help you achieve a slimmer and toned appearance that boosts your self-confidence. The other benefits of Liposuction and Tummy Tuck are listed below: 


Tummy Tuck

Benefits of Tummy Tuck are listed below:

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