5 Amazing Benefits Of Male Breast Reduction Surgery
(Gynecomastia Treatment)

5 Amazing Benefits Of Gynecomastia Treatment (Male Breast Reduction Surgery)
Due to genetics, body frame, medications, or undue reasons, males may develop enlarged breasts, called Gynecomastia. They usually develop during puberty, and almost 30% of men have gynecomastia. Though not so noticeable, sometimes they can be bothersome in the following ways:
  • Perky feminine chest appearance
  • Feeling shy to come out in bare chest
  • Rubbing of nipples against clothes
  • Bigger sized or puffy nipples

All the above symptoms can cause dissatisfaction and irritation to men, to which Male Breast Reduction Surgery could be a potential solution.

What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male Breast Reduction Surgery
Male breast reduction surgery, typically known as gynecomastia surgery, is the reduction of bigger breasts to give them a more “manly appearance. In surgery, your cosmetic surgeon removes the excess fatty layer of tissues (adding volume to the breasts), cuts the extra skin, and sutures the incision. Meanwhile, the nipples are also corrected if:
  • The areolas are big
  • They are asymmetrical
  • They have inward or exotropia orientation

Before surgery, Dr. Ashish thoroughly examines the chest to plan for the surgery. The surgery is done under anaesthesia, so the person does not feel pain or discomfort during surgery. The length and type of incision depend upon how much breast volume is needed to be removed.

Satisfying Benefits Of Gynecomastia reduction

Gynecomastia surgery to counter bigger breasts can be amazing for men in the following ways.

A Morale Booster

Big breasts can be very embarrassing for men. Men who seek gynecomastia surgery admit feeling shy among friends and colleagues and want normal male chest. Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction surgery can offer them more proportionate and masculine breasts, improving their self-confidence and boosting their morale.

Confidence to Go Bare

Men with gynecomastia are shy to go bare, even with a good physique or abs. Male breast reduction surgery instils confidence in them to go bare.
Gynecomastia surgery in mumbai

Freedom to fashion

Typically, men with bigger breasts wear loose and dark clothes to hide the unusual mound-like appearance of their chest. Male breast reduction will offer you the freedom to wear tight-fitting clothes of your choice.

Mental satisfaction

When you are not confident about your looks, you become overly conscious, anxious, and have  thoughts like- Are my breasts noticeable? Am I looking unpresentable? Should I wear a larger shirt preferably? etc.

Male breast reduction will sort your issue and give you permanent peace of mind.

Posture correction    

Men with severe gynecomastia often complain about back pain. Even if heavy chest does not bother them, seeking breast reduction can alleviate back pain and improve posture and self-confidence.

Why Choose Dr Ashish Ghuge For Male Breast Reduction

Dr. Ashish Ghuge is one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Mumbai. Most patients who visit Dr. Ashish for gynecomastia treatment are very happy after gynecomastia surgery.  

Like any other cosmetic surgery, male breast reduction surgery is becoming equally popular. So, if you are looking to seek male breast reduction, book an appointment with Dr. Ashish Ghuge.

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